How it works

Your multi-utility at the heart of Central Park

At Central Park Plus, Flow Systems provides water to connected customers and Enwave Energy provides electricity. Flow’s water system reuses wastewater through its sustainable, state-of-the-art recycled water system, providing apartments and retail business with a secure and environmentally friendly source of water for everyday house and business use, and to sustain Central Park’s spectacular vertical gardens and balcony greenery.

Enwave Energy delivers electricity to your apartment thanks to an embedded energy network delivering local electricity across a number of buildings including Connor, Duo and Wonderland. This embedded energy network means residents get fantastic deals on their electricity bill because Enwave Energy buys electricity at bulk and pass on savings to residents. The electricity you receive at Central Park Plus is no different to anywhere else. Electricity is generated by power stations connected to the grid and then distributed to the Central Park as it would be anywhere else.

Unlike a standard electricity connection, Central Park Plus has one large electricity meter connected to the distribution network called a “gate meter”. Enwave Energy receives electricity at the gate meter and pays Ausgrid (via their electricity retailer) the cost of receiving electricity through the Ausgrid distribution network. They then on-sell electricity throughout the building to customers who have chosen to buy electricity.

1 Apartment wastewater
Wastewater is harvested from bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and laundries.
2 Garden wastewater
Garden overflows are captured.
3 Shops & office wastewater
Wastewater is harvested from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets in shops and offices.
4 Harvesting every drop
Rainwater and stormwater are collected.
5 Water purification processes
The biggest Membrane Bioreactor facility in the basement of a residential building in the world.
6 Eight purification processes
Water undergoes eight processes, including Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet. Highest Australian standards: recycled water has no odour, is clear in colour and safe for use.
7 Drinking water
Sourced from the closest secure public water supply distributed by Central Park Water.
8 Air Cooling
Recycled water is used for cooling towers in apartments, offices and shops in the precinct.
9 Irrigation
Recycled water is used for irrigating lawns, gardens and the green walls.
10 In the home
Recycled water is used for toilet flushing, washing machines and garden watering.
11 Household smart meters
Each apartment benefits from keener electricity tariff prices, and usage is measured via the smart meter.
12 Gate meter
We buy electricity in bulk from this point and pass on savings to each apartment.